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 Theater Enhanced Beat Based Cycling

INDURO Cycling has put a new spin on the indoor cycling workout by utilizing amazing soundtracks, virtual instructors, and cycling videos from ALL OVER THE WORLD!¬†INDURO caters to participants of all fitness and cycling levels. INDURO offers packages and programming for fitness and cycling studios of all shapes and sizes. If you don’t have room for a full on Cycling Theater, simply use a flat screen with just a few spin bikes. Now you have INDURO and can advertise a cycling program just the same!

We are your one-stop-shop providing all parts necessary to create an amazing sensory workout experience.

Video: Complete with Diverse Soundtracks & Virtual Instructor.

The Virtual Instructor instructs by utilizing Resistance / Cadence and Body Movement Cues. Each INDURO Cycling video is created for the ultimate Theater Enhanced Cycling experience.

Training: Manage with Instructors & Facilitators.

INDURO Staff Training educates all staff to be prepared to manage, market, instruct and/or facilitate the INDURO class. INDURO delivers a Training Course, Training Manual, INDURO Exam and Certificate of Completion. INDURO Instructors utilize music and video to lead intense and exciting classes. INDURO Facilitators utilize the Virtual Instructor option to lead a class without having to be on the instructor bike or even in the cycling studio. Facilitators and Instructors will learn proper bike set up and mechanics included in the INDURO program training.

Marketing: Exposure with Buzz and Referrals

INDURO Marketing is delivered with your INDURO Starter Pack. Items included in the Marketing Kit are files containing Posters, Fliers, Postcards, Business Cards, Press Releases, Demo Passes, and More! Combine INDURO rides with Club Specials! A beach blast personal training special advertised with the Caribbean Ride is a great marketing concept! What would your club do? Contact INDURO for more ideas!

Music: Music Moves Soundtracks

INDURO Videos are enhanced with culturally specific soundtracks recorded by music producers worldwide. INDURO Programming is based on matching the Cadence and Body Cues matched to the 4×4 beat and melody of the music. Instructors learn to utilize their OWN Music to teach with the Videos if and when the original soundtracks are not used.