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BPM offers both certifications and CECs! Contact one of our educational specialists today to receive more information (Contact Us).

BPM Online Instructor Certification

Learn to teach the BPM Cycling Program. While working hand in hand with the BPM Facilitators and the club management, the BPMInstructors help grow their classes and act as mentors for the future BPM Instructors. Instructors are taught the BPM X Factors and utilize them in every class they teach. Beat based Cycling – Cue it on the one. Cueing on the first beat of each 16 and 32 count musical phrase adds structure, safety, and fun to each BPM class. Virtual cycling with a theater enhanced studio option offers worldwide locations to ride with amazing BPM videos. Consistent moves that are titled with fun names such as Rocks, Rolls, Combos, Diamonds, and Attacks. Offering a consistent and tribal cycling experience with every class.

*Certification fees do not guarantee certification.