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Amazing editing and exciting locations in the Induro Road Series 1. Scenic footage is uniquely  edited with Road footage in this series.

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Bonita Springs, Florida
Known as the Bonita Loop this ride takes you on a loop from Coconut Road down to Immokalee Road to Bonita Beach Road back to Coconut Road. Palm trees, beaches, and southwest Florida road. Full body, beat based ride.



Ozark Mountains, Missouri
This ride offers steep and long climbs combined with quick descents set on the border of Missouri and Arkansas deep in the Ozark Mountains. Full body, beat based ride.



Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Express Ride
Ride from downtown San Juan to the historic city center of Old San Juan and loop back to downtown San Juan in this quick and explosive Puerto Rican Ride! Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Top of the Rockies, Colorado
This ride is big climbs and quick descents as you ride to elevations over 14,000 feet. Beautiful snow capped mountains and amazing high elevation scenery make this a one of a kind ride. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Tour of Ireland
This ride is from Dublin (join the St. Patrick’s Day Parade) on the east coast across the midlands to the west coast. Scenic and spectacular. A good mixture of full body, out of saddle riding and in-saddle climbs and attacks. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Cape Town Peninsula, South Africa Tour
The ride starts downtown Cape Town, South Africa. The ride is a compilation of road footage and scenic shots taken along the Cape Peninsula. Ride offers climbs and a massive mid ride downhill blast. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Oaxaca, México
This ride is an amazing journey that starts in Oaxaca (pronounced whahacka), through mountains on the way to the ruins of El Rey traveling to both cultural and road scenery. Ride offers an intense speed play style of interval training. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Weston, Missouri
This ride starts downtown Kansas City and heads north to historical Weston, Missouri accompanied by hundreds of other riders participating in the annual Tour de Cure. More in-saddle tour training as you pass several slower riders. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Guadeloupe, Caribbean
This ride consists of travel along beachfronts, open landscapes, and through city centers. Ride offers a full body workout out of saddle and plenty of coastal rolling hills. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.



Yampa Valley, Colorado
The ride begins at a rodeo in the foothills and then heads deep into the surrounding mountains of Yampa Valley. The ride continues through open ranges and through the valley as the ride heads to downtown Steamboat Springs for a music concert.