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Commercial User

$49 per month

The Induro Guided videos utilize a “virtual instructor“. These videos contain a motivational voice over, energetic soundtrack, and a digital dashboard to cue moves, body positions, resistance, cadence, and suggested heart rate zones. These videos are intended for individual or small group rides with or without a live instructor.

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Commercial User

$49 per month

The Induro Cycling Live videos are to be used by a Live Certified Cycling Instructor in a theater enhanced group cycling environment.

MOTION The Induro Cycling Motion videos may be used in many applications. The Motion videos are forward motion road videos with energetic soundtracks perfect for runners utilizing the videos on a treadmill. a Live Instructor to rehearse a cycling regimen, individuals riding on mag trainers, rollers, recumbent and/or upright cycles.

FEATURE The Induro Cycling Feature videos incorporate energetic soundtracks and feature several chapters to create the optimal indoor theater enhanced group cycling experience. 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute class formats now available. The chapters include:

1. Welcome (10 minutes) – to be played 10 minutes before the start of class to allow for a theater enhanced cycling environment as students enter the studio and begin bike set up
2. Warm up (3 Minutes)
3. Ride (time varies)
4. Closure (10 minutes – includes: Cool down (2 minutes)
5. Stretching (5 minutes) and Exit (3 minutes)

SOUNDSCAPE The Induro Cycling Soundscape videos include the same chapters that constitute the Feature rides. Alternatively, the Soundscape does not have a soundtrack, however it does allow for instructor to use their OWN soundtracks! These videos do have the “whoosh” of passing motorists and other road sounds to create an immersive and realistic ride with instructor soundtracks.

You can subscribe to Induro Cycling and stream our entire video collection any time, anywhere and on any device using the KRUactive app. * Contact an Induro Representative today for program packages, discounts, and special incentives.